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Conveyancing – Purchase Legal Fees


Up to £100,000 – £600.00 plus VAT

£100,001 to £250,000 – £650.00 plus VAT

£250,001 to £400,000 – £700.00 plus VAT

£400,001 to £600,000 – £850.00 plus VAT

£600,001 + – Please contact us for a specific quote

Please see “Additional Fees” to see if you will be incurring any additional fees during the conveyancing process.


Up to £100,000 – £700.00 plus VAT

£100,001 to £250,000 – £750.00 plus VAT

£250,001 to £400,000 – £800.00 plus VAT

£400,001 to £600,000 – £950.00 plus VAT

£600,001 + – Please contact us for a specific quote

Our legal fees (not including VAT or expenses) stated above (depending on the type of transaction and additional work involved (see details of additional fees) include undertaking the necessary Money Laundering Regulations checks, checking through the legal title and contract documents for the property which is being purchased, raising all necessary enquiries, carrying out the relevant searches on the property. Carrying out any necessary further checks, and then reporting to you on the legal title, contract documentation and searches.   If you are obtaining a mortgage, then the fees include reporting to you on the mortgage offer and checking that the basic details of the mortgage offer are correct.  These fees also include completing any necessary Land Transaction Return form (Stamp Duty form) to HMRC. Once the matter has completed we will then arrange for your ownership of the Property to be registered at HMLR together with any relevant mortgage.  Once the registration has completed, we will send you the completed application for your records.

Purchase Expenses

  • Local Searches – £87 (Could vary depending on the council)
  • Water & Drainage – £24 (Could vary depending on the council
  • Environmental Searches – £36
  • Mining Searches – £28.80
  • Chancel Searches(if required) – £15.79
  • Land Registry Search – £3.60 (inc VAT) per document
  • Bankruptcy Search – £2.40 (inc VAT) per name searched
  • Thirdfort Identity check – £17.94 (inc VAT) per name searched
  • Lawyer Check – £12.00
  • Bank Fee – £36.00 (inc VAT) per money transfer
  • File opening Fee – £18.00 (inc VAT)

If a mortgage is being obtained to assist with the purchase, then some lenders only require some searches to be carried and some searches are optional.  Please speak to a Conveyancer directly and they can advise further as to which searches are mandatory.

Some mortgage lenders also accept No Search Indemnity Insurance. Please speak to a Conveyancer directly regarding this. 

HM Land registration fees depend on the Purchase Price and will be advised at the time of instruction.

Stamp Duty: In accordance with the government’s current stamp duty levels- will be advised.



Unregistered Title – £150

Dealing with lenders Solicitors if any – £200

Deed of postponement- £75

Dealing with drafting a deed of covenant – £75

Shared Ownership- £75

Dealing with drafting a declaration of trust    £125

Help to buy ISA bonus administration (per person)   £50

Dealing with a licence to occupy -£100

Dealing with a notice to complete -£150

New build purchase -£75

Help to buy/equity mortgage  £125

Land registration fees

  • £0-£80,000 – £20.00
  • £80,001-£100,000 – £40.00
  • £100,001-£200,000 – £95.00
  • £200,001-£500,000 – £135.00  
  • £500,000-£1,000,000 – £270.00
  • £1000,001 and Over – £455.00

These fees will be higher if the property is a new build purchase, registration of a new lease or a first registration at HM Land Registry of the Property.

Referral Fees: Please note if you have been referred to us by a certain third party, that Sutherland & Co Law Limited may, in certain situations, in relation to conveyancing transactions, pay referral fees to such said third parties.  We would like to assure our clients, that any payment of referral fees is paid by this firm, and not by the client, and the firm ensures that it complies with the SRA Rules and Regulations in relation to the payment of such fees and has Referral Agreements in place prior to paying any referral fees.  If you are being referred to us by a third party, then that third party is under a legal obligation to advise you of the referral fee and the amount.  We would also do the same in any client care documentation issued to clients.

Our Residential and Commercial Conveyancing Department consists of:

Caroline Sutherland – Managing Director

Ian Machin Consultant Solicitor

Lindsey McAteer – Solicitor

Amanda Tomkins Senior Conveyancing Fee earner

Sally Gallagher Residential Conveyancer

Chelsea Peace – Paralegal

Kerry Thackeray – Paralegal/Assistant to MD

Tia Hollingsworth – Assistant to Amanda Tomkins

Leah Bolshaw – Legal Secretary to Sally Gallagher


The Supervisor for the conveyancing team is the Managing Director, Caroline Sutherland.

For more information please contact one of the team on 01302 279179 or click here to contact us.