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Probate and Estate Administration

When dealing with someone’s estate, there are three stages that need to be adhered to

Clients are generally happy to deal with stages one and three themselves, but do not know how to complete or deal with the application for Probate. On the basis that the client obtains all the relevant information at stage one and distributes the estate themselves, we offer a fixed fee service of £500 plus VAT and expenses for the Grant of Probate.

Some clients do not wish to deal with the collection of the information and distribution of the estate and therefore we do offer a full Probate and Estate Administration service on an hourly charging basis. We do not charge a percentage of the estate, as do many other Solicitors.

1. Obtaining all relevant information from banks, investment companies, utility companies and other financial organisations to find out the extent of the deceased persons estate

2. Using the information obtained to complete the Probate application documents for submission to the Probate Registry, this will enable them to grant the Probate so that the estate can be wound up i.e. any property sold, any bank accounts closed etc.

3. Sending the Grant of Probate to the relevant banks, investment companies, utility companies etc. to request that all accounts are closed to enable the distribution of the funds to be carried out in accordance with the Will or the rules of Intestacy (if there is no Will)

Sally Gallagher undertakes Probate work within our firm.   Sally is an experienced Wills, Trust and Probate Paralegal.

The Supervisor for Probate work is our Managing Director, Caroline Sutherland.

If you would like any further information or would like to discuss a potential matter then please contact Sally Gallagher on 01302 279179 or click here to contact us.